How do I access the daily recording? 

Go to www.centeru.me/today and log-in with your password to access today's session. 


Center U is only available on a monthly subscription basis. Reoccurring payments will be charged 1x per month to the card on file. Sign-up now.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel at anytime. Upon cancellation you will continue to have access to the remainder of the month you've purchased. 

Why does the program work?

Center U is a comprehensive and multi-layered program that was specifically designed to minimize the effects of Compassion Fatigue. Our recordings are infused with trauma-informed language, somatic therapy and reflective practices along with trauma-sensitive instruction and mindfulness exercises. 

Why is it for professionals on the front lines?

Helping, teaching and protecting professionals interact with clients', students' and citizens' traumatic material on a regular basis. Over time this builds up and can negatively effect the professionals doing their jobs. We at Forest Hughes & Associates direct all our support and services towards professionals on the front lines because we have found that helping one teacher, officer, social worker, nurse or doctor positively effects thousands more. 

What is Forest Hughes & Associates?

Forest Hughes & Associates LLC is the organization that created Center U. We offer multiple services to professionals on the front lines, including weekly Decompression Circles, crisis support and trainings for employees onsite at area workplaces. www.ForestHughes.com

Any other questions?

For additional questions and concerns please reach out to us at info@centeru.me