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Weekly theme / Yearly program.


Weekly themes keep you on track. You'll get steady, comprehensive results by investing a small amount each day. 

Trust us. We've already mapped out what you'll need for the year and broken it down into 12 monthly modules. Listen each day. Feel your life begin to change. 




Center U was specifically designed for professionals on the front lines - the everyday angels of our world. 

Each day you'll log-in to a 7-12 minute session. Throughout our journey together you will continually learn tools and practices that reduces the effects of Compassion Fatigue; each day and week builds upon the previous forming a comprehensive year-round program.

Start feeling better today. 
You deserve it. 


Powerful "vitamins" for professionals on the front lines.

24/7 :
365 days

Your work and life never stop and neither do we. 

  • 24/7 access year round.
  • Monthly Membership $33.
  • $1.10 a day - less than your bodega fix!
  • New content posts each a.m.
  • Member-only online community.
  • Increases well-being.  
  • Combats the effects of Compassion Fatigue.