Leading an organization where staff is exposed to conflict and trauma is a challenging task. Precision skills are needed.


Trauma-Informed Executive coaching

Workplace trauma-exposure can increase interpersonal conflict, resistance, high-turn over, discrimination, service rationing, disorganization, and sick leave exponentially. Trauma is a fog that blocks opportunity. Our leadership & executive coaching program is designed to lift that fog. Contact us today to meet with our experts.

  • Learn key factors for leading trauma-exposed teams

  • Make decisions using a trauma-informed lens

  • Build in-house support to mitigate the impact of team exposure

  • Understand of how trauma-exposure is impacting your organization


Compassion Fatigue Recovery COACHING

Personal coaching packages are perfect for leaders who are experiencing symptoms of Compassion Fatigue, aka Secondary Traumatic Stress. All inquires, recovery coaching services are confidential. Contact us today to speak with our director.