Our Mission

We put helping professionals first because they are the cornerstone of change in this world. We are committed to raising awareness about the vast impact trauma exposure has on those who help, serve and protect others. In response we build customized support programs for compassion fatigue and post-crisis recovery.

Our Values

We strive to embody excellence, integrity and maintain a laser-sharp focus on our mission of advocating for, and supporting professionals on the frontlines who are exposed to trauma at work. 


"Forest" is our namesake because forests are the ultimate healers and sustainers for the entire world.

Our Procurement status

Approved NYC Vendor.
NYC DOE Certified Vendor.
NYC WBE Certification pending.
NYC LBE Certification pending.
DBE Certification pending.

How fast can you get this to us?
— NYC Educator

What Professionals are Saying about...

our work

  • "This was life changing! Thank you so much." Educator

  • "The response was overwhelming! People were talking for days." Social Worker

  • "There aren't many situations where we can speak honestly and be heard, this is a very special place." Activist

  • "This is a truly sustainable, one-of-a-kind program that pays it forward in the form of deep listening and respect." Social Worker

  • "I feel an instant calm the moment I walk through the door and always look forward to our workshops." Urban Planner

  • Programs are "...focused, well-developed, effective and gentle." Director

  • "...very safe and honest environment." Lawyer

  • "It can be so hard to stay centered and clear-headed in our high-pressure environment but having allies and making conscious decisions helps us flourish instead of fall." Nurse

  • "The perfect atmosphere was created for insight, epiphany and personal growth." Guidance Counselor

Our Leader

  • "Taryn is open-hearted and fearless!" Doctorate in Education. 

  • "She values the truth, walks her talk and allows others to feel safe doing the same." Principle  

  • "Taryn is a fantastic facilitator. She’s great at making sure people’s time sharing is balanced and very sweetly encourages people who are reticent to share." Social Worker

  • “Taryn is a very good listener and knows how to help people see things more clearly." Lawyer

  • She is "gentle, loving and caring in her approach.” Educator

  • "Ms. Hughes obviously has a lot of experience as a facilitator and is very gentle, skilled and professional in her manner and delivery." Program Director

  • "She is dedicated to equality within the group and is incredibly receptive to the emotions and needs of all present. She is nimble in gently nudging the conversation into the places it feels like it needs to go. She embraces any change of course that with grace and curiosity. The result is that everyone leaves feeling stimulated, nourished, and as if their voice has been heard." Counselor