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Compassion Fatigue 3-Module PREVENTION PROGRAM 

"One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Benjamin Franklin

There are specific steps every organization can take to reduce the personal impact of trauma exposure at work.

With a preventative strategy staff...

  • Stay in their positions longer
  • Are involved in work and life
  • Remain healthy, open and optimistic
  • Are productive and engaged
  • Can accurately asses and respond to situations 

Without a Preventative Strategy Staff ...

  • Fall ill more often 
  • Leave their positions
  • Become closed-off and unccoperative
  • Struggle with interpersonal aspects of the job
  • Have a noted drop in performance and service rendering
  • Increase conflict and put your reputation and liability at-risk

That does not have to be your story. We can set your workplace up for success. Our team has developed an effective and easily transferable strategy to protect your colleagues. 

Our PREVENT Program includes: 

  • 3 hour long On-site Workshops

  • 12 Audio-Visual Learning Components 

  • Group Sustainability Plan

Contact us today. Let's speak about options and learn if your organization is a good fit for our program.