Compassion Fatigue Awareness
Compassion Fatigue Prevention
Compassion Fatigue Recovery
Leadership Coaching
Workplace Crisis Support
Consulting on Trauma-Informed Organizations
*Note: Services are available nationally and internationally.

• Are debilitating
• Create organizational blocks
• Increase organizational liability
• Cost people their lives and health
• Disconnect people from social support
• Destroy people’s careers and personal lives.
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1.) Compassion Fatigue Awareness Building

Compassion fatigue has been defined as “the cost of caring." Dr. Charles Figley

Awareness is key. Secondary Traumatic Stress, aka Compassion Fatigue, and Vicarious Trauma are occupational hazards for helping professionals. Everyone will be impacted by workplace trauma exposure. The question is, how much? We help you identify your organization’s current level of impact in this interactive professional development workshop. Contact us today. 

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2.) Compassion Fatigue Prevention

"One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Benjamin Franklin

Staff cannot navigate this alone. Support is needed. Strategies must be implemented. There are specific steps every organization can take to reduce the personal impact of trauma exposure at work. We train staff how to set-up a personal prevention strategy and work with the organization to create a culture of support. Contact us today. 

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3.) Compassion Fatigue 12-Module Reset Program *Our Signature Program*

“All of us who attempt to heal the wounds of others will ourselves be wounded; it is, after all, inherent in the relationship.” David Hilfiker

Professionals who witness trauma or suffering at work will be impacted by Secondary Traumatic Stress, aka Compassion Fatigue, and Vicarious Trauma. Organizations benefit when they connect staff with a support and recovery program to repair the harm.

Our signature RESET program is the very first program ever created to help staff recover from compassion fatigue. This 12 week journey supports professionals with effective tools and strategies to manage the stress of helping others. The impact on the organization and staff is life changing. Contact us today. 

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4.) Leadership coaching

Leading an organization who’s staff is exposed to trauma is a challenging task. Disorganization, inter-personal conflict, resistance, obstinance, high-turn over, and sick leave are all increased exponentially in workplaces who help, serve or protect cliental who are suffering. Learning additional targeted skills and having personal support can transform difficulty into opportunity. Contact us today. 

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5.) workplace crisis support

Staff require immediate and continued support after workplace loss or violence. Calling on experts who have been there before can be a game-changing decision for your organization. Our expert-led, confidential, response efforts are staff focused and can include group processing, support, skill building, and psychoeducation. Contact us today. 

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6.) Presentations, Retreats & Workshops on Compassion Fatigue

We are available to give comprehensive and interactive presentations and workshops on compassion fatigue. Our AWARE, PREVENT and our signature RESET programs are all able to be adapted to a retreat format ranging from 1/2 day - 3 days. Contact us today. 

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7.) ConsultING on Trauma-informed organizations

We can help your organization become more trauma-informed. Contact us today. 
Examples of services include:

  • Applying a trauma-informed framework to your existing programming

  • Increasing staff skill and expertise around trauma

  • Building trauma-informed programming

  • Learning how to communicate with clients, patients, and students who’ve experienced trauma

  • Reducing the potential for harm and liability

  • Increasing the quality of services and outcomes