Leadership Coaching

Learn New skills to lead Teams in high-conflict and trauma-exposed sectors.


We know you want the best for your team. We do too. Workplace trauma-exposure can increase interpersonal conflict, resistance, high-turn over, discrimination, service rationing, disorganization, and sick leave exponentially.

Trauma is a fog that blocks opportunity. Our leadership & executive coaching program is designed to lift that fog. Contact us today to meet with our experts.

  • Learn key factors for leading trauma-exposed teams

  • Make decisions using a trauma-informed lens

  • Build in-house support to mitigate the impact of team exposure

  • Understand of how trauma-exposure is impacting your organization

As a leader, my eyes were opened to the vast impact of trauma on my staff. I had to take action.
— Director, NYC
The perfect atmosphere was created for insight, epiphany, and growth.
— Staff Supervisor, NYPH