Trauma-Focused and Trauma-Informed Consulting helps organizations succeed in our complex world.

Applying Trauma-Informed solutions in-house…
• increases quality of services and outcomes
• reduces potential for harm
• reduces risk and liability
• keeps staff and clients safe
• increases retention and satisfaction
• saves lives

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Organizational Consulting

Maintaining the delicate balance of service capacity and care, in the midst of trauma exposure, is vital to the organization’s survival ." Taryn Elizabeth Hughes

We can help your organization navigate the challenges of servicing our current population - 89.7% percent of whom have lived through a traumatic event. Contact us to speak about options. 

CONSULT services include:

  • Identifying the impact trauma is having on operations and staff

  • Applying a Trauma-Informed framework to your existing services

  • Applying a Trauma-Informed approach to management and systems

  • Increasing staff skill and expertise around trauma

  • Building Trauma-Informed services and programs

  • Designing a critical incident response protocol

  • Becoming a Trauma-Informed organization or school

Equip your organization to Provide trauma-informed services - contact us today!