Employee Wellness Programs send the messag that you care and serve as preventative and recovery measures for secondary trauma exposure.

Did you know 98% of U.S. based companies offer at least one wellness program?
We offer month-long, day-long, and hour-long wellness options.

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Employee Wellness Days

Trauma affects the entire human organism—body, mind, and brain. — Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk

We deliver half-day and full-day employee wellness programs that employees love. Our mind-body experts have been working on the cutting edge of trauma and the body for the last two decades. As a result Trauma-Informed WELL programs address the body, mind, and brain of staff exposed to intense situations at-work. Contact us for bookings. 

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Pop-Up Wellness pods

We build-out custom on-site healing pods for employees to visit during the workday. These multi-modality wellness POP-UP PODS offer a variety of services and sensory decompression options to staff. Contact us to bring this innovative service to your office!

Care for your employees + reach your milestones! contact us today!

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RESTORE wellness workshops

Concise, effective, de-stressing workshops for staff. A combination of sensory therapy, breathing, mindfulness, and gentle stretches activate the parasympathetic nervous system to a produce a deeply calm state. Contact us to book as early as next week!

Gift your staff the calmness they deserve. contact us today!