Post-Crisis care and response minimize organizational and personal harm after workplace loss or violence.

Incidents that benefit from an outside, skilled, and expert response:
• On-site violence or threat of violence
• On-site injury, disaster, or danger
• Loss of a staff member
• Loss of a client, patient, student, or customer

Every critical incident is different, therefore every CARE & RESPONSE package is custom designed. Contact us today to discuss your support options.

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Post-CRISIS Care for staff

Our post-crisis CARE packages are a series of Trauma-Informed offerings, meaning they are designed to reduce triggering, create safety, and respond to the escalated needs of participants. Call our experts today to inquire about options.

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workplace crisis support

Staff require immediate and continued support after workplace loss or violence. Calling on experts to lead the response efforts can be a game-changing decision for your organization. Our comprehensive and confidential response efforts are staff focused and can include group processing, skill building, and psychoeducation. Contact us today. 

COnnect your staff with the resources they need to make it through crisis. Contact us today!