A collective of NYC professionals working alongside each other to support professionals exposed to trauma and suffering at work. 




A pioneer in body-centered therapy, Ms. Hughes has supported groups and individuals in coping with or overcoming physical and emotional trauma for the past 15 years. 

Taryn understands the moral complexity, exhaustion, and altered life path of professionals who serve our most vulnerable citizens. As a former service provider for youth serving life w/o parole sentences in maximum security prisons, she grappled with being "all-in" at work, while being "all-numb" and exhausted at home, having given every ounce of energy to supporting incarcerated youth. Like many professionals who help, serve and protect others she was operating in a self-sacrificing paradigm that negatively impacted her life and health. Today, in response to her own journey and healing, she shares her skill and hope for healing with professionals exposed to trauma and suffering at work, knowing firsthand there is a way to skillfully serve others while maintaining health, happiness and a full life outside of work. 


Taryn Hughes has more than a decade of experience in one-on-one coaching, consulting, program development, and facilitation with reputable government and international institutions. Ms. Hughes pursued her LLM studies in International Human Rights Law, with a focus on Women and Minority Rights, at European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), Germany and completed her BA in Fine Applied Arts / Dance at Point Park University. Her training as a professional dancer launched her career in mind-body and movement therapy. She's trained in the Hakomi Method and various approaches to Somatic Therapy and Embodiment techniques and is certified in Restorative Practices, Conflict Resolution, Trauma-Informed program development and facilitation, Mindfulness, Yoga, and Energetic Healing. Her personal growth path includes the effective experience of Jung’s Depth Psychology and TRE - Trauma Releasing Exercises.

Martha Graham’s words, “the body never lies,” have been a guiding principle of my life and work for nearly three decades - decades before research could verify the necessity of addressing the body in the healing of trauma. It’s honesty, and responsiveness continue to amaze me.


Licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in New York City and co-developer of an evidence-based treatment for survivors of complex trauma. Dr. Lisa Cohen has spent more than a decade of her career as a Research Scientist at the New York State Psychiatric Institute at Columbia University Medical Center testing and disseminating interventions for the treatment of Post-traumatic Stress and Substance Use Disorders. Dr. Cohen is also a crisis and trauma response consultant whom provides "psychological first aid" to people, businesses and communities in the aftermath of disaster. www.DrLisaCohen.com


We partner with and hire area expert level psychologists, social workers, somatic therapists, trauma specialists, program developers, and gifted facilitators from various backgrounds to offer our signature services.