more individuals are exposed to trauma through work than through disaster, war, assault, or accidents alone.

Our Compassion Fatigue services are designed to minimize the impact of Secondary Traumatic Stress and provide comprehensive recovery solutions. Contact us today to find out more.

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Compassion Fatigue Awareness Building

Compassion fatigue has been defined as “the cost of caring." Dr. Charles Figley

Awareness is key. All employees will be impacted by workplace trauma exposure - the question is, how much and when? We educate staff on the signs and symptoms, and help you identify your organization’s current level of impact. This interactive lab is a staff favorite. Contact us today to book.

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Compassion Fatigue Prevention

"One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Benjamin Franklin

Staff cannot navigate this alone. Support is needed. Strategies must be implemented. There are specific steps every organization can take to reduce the personal impact of witnessing suffering at work. We train staff how to set-up a personal prevention strategy and work with organizations to create a culture of support. Contact us today. 

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Compassion Fatigue 12-Module Reset Program *Our Signature Program*

“All of us who attempt to heal the wounds of others will ourselves be wounded; it is, after all, inherent in the relationship.” David Hilfiker

Our signature RECOVER program is the very first program ever created to help staff recover from Compassion Fatigue. This 12-week intensive trains staff on the foundational healing components needed for recovery.

Awareness and simple self-care tools are not strong enough to heal Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma which put people’s lives at risk and your organization’s liability on the line. We have invested a lifetime of expertise and two years of testing and development into a solution-oriented program that is suitable for the workplace. Our Compassion Fatigue RECOVER program is for personal and organizational recovery and sustainability.

If your organization and staff are at risk contact us today. 

If your heart is big, mission strong and you are committed to healing others and society, this message is for you. Compassion and empathy are finite resources that we as human beings must learn to preserve and replenish if we wish to continue giving to others throughout our lifetime.…read more